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Panitz Law Group APC has developed a successful history in offering employment law services to a spectrum of individual, corporate and institutional clients.  We offer a personalized service, focused on adding value and protecting your employees rights and employment laws.  Our professional team is well versed in labor laws in California and boasts a recognized track record.

If you are searching for an experienced employment lawyer in Los Angeles or throughout Southern California, Panitz Law Group APC is here to make sure that all of your rights and employment laws are expertly defended. With decades of experience, hard work, and careful preparation in labor laws in California, we strive to help our clients win and settle even the most difficult cases, getting the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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About California labor laws and employment laws

This area of law is focused on workplace rights and obligations between employers and their employees. Labor and Employment Law can also involve job applicants or former employees.

At Panitz Law Group APC, we handle a range of case types under Labor and Employment law. Please click any of the following links to learn more about our approach:

What are the labor laws in California?

Trying to understand the labor laws in California can be an overwhelming task, however, as a respected member of Panitz Law Group APC, you will benefit from having access to all the relevant information you need with regards to employment laws.

Employees who are working in Los Angeles are generally protected by a set of California labor laws. Employee rights under these employment laws are all-too-commonly denied or infringed upon by employers. Many of the labor laws in California also protect potential employees throughout the job application and hiring process, especially from discrimination based on:

  • gender
  • race
  • national origin
  • religion
  • age

These employment laws also protect employee privacy in the workplace to avoid having a hostile work environment. Our clients often have questions about whether employers can legally:

  • Listen to employee phone conversations
  • Monitor employee emails, web browsing, or other computer activity
  • Obtain records of employees’ phone calls
  • Search an employee’s desk

Are you working in a hostile work environment?

A hostile work environment is created by an employer or colleague whose actions, behavior and communication does not allow you to perform, or conduct your job effectively.

Many employees in California believe that an unpleasant employer, a rude colleague, failure to meet promotional opportunities, or the lack of privileges, benefits, perks or recognition can create a hostile work environment. However, the reality is that for an office or workplace to be hostile, certain legal criteria must be adhered to.

While the law permits employers to do these things in the majority of cases, there are instances in which an employer is in fact in violation of the employee’s rights and employment laws. At Panitz Law Group APC, we will listen carefully to the details of your case and use our decades of expertise to determine whether your rights have in fact been infringed upon.

For example, whereas an employer is allowed to monitor business calls placed to and from their business, the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) does limit the extent of monitoring. For instance, if a personal call comes in, the employer must stop monitoring as soon as it becomes clear that the call is personal in nature. This same employment law may also be applied to an employer’s monitoring of employee emails.

There are other critical Federal and State employment laws protecting employees from

Do you require a labor attorney to handle an employment related issue?

To fully enforce state and California labor laws protecting employees against any breach of employment laws by the employer, you will require a labor attorney to take legal action. Most labor attorneys representing employees do so due to their fond understanding that non-unionized employees are relatively powerless against their respective employers.

While you may have been caught up in minor employment disputes, some larger employers and their labor attorneys handle many employment disputes on a daily basis. Most employers have much more experience and resources than you to evaluate and handle claims. An employee who has not consulted a labor attorney can be at a real disadvantage, which is why it is of crucial importance to do so, should you encounter any issues which are creating a hostile work environment for you.

To truly succeed in an employment lawsuit without a labor attorney is extremely difficult due to several reasons. Besides understanding employment laws and the associated court procedures, a labor attorney will know what information you require to win, how to get it, how to present witnesses and documents to the court and jury, and how to prevent a company and its labor attorneys from using unfair tactics to win the case.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you will succeed and save yourself any labor attorney fees by taking the trial into your own hands. You could potentially end up with nothing, as well as having to pay your employer for the expenses they incurred in defending your lawsuit.

With all of the above information in mind, if you believe that your rights may have been violated by your employer, or if you would like to know whether these employment laws and regulations are relevant to you, please feel free to contact us. Remember, consultation is always FREE, and because we most often work on contingency, there will be no cost to you unless we win or settle your case.