Retaliation Lawyers in Los Angeles

Employers in Los Angeles are not legally permitted to retaliate against an employee when one complains about being a victim of harassment at work. They are also forbidden from retaliating against an employee when the employee reports unlawful conduct on the part of the employer. This can arise due to fraud or other violations which breach the California labor laws. Unfortunately, several employers in Los Angeles assume that they can disobey the California labor law by unfairly treating their employees at work. If you have been a victim of retaliation in the workplace, you can take action by contacting our team of retaliation lawyers today.

What is workplace retaliation?

Retaliation in the workplace occurs when an employee speaks up against an employer that is conducting any unethical or illegal business practices which breach the California labor laws, and are discriminated or treated inappropriately for doing so. Every employee deserves to work in a secure environment and should never have to worry about workplace retaliation from their employer.

California labor laws strictly forbid employers from terminating an employee for complaining about workplace retaliation or any other forms of harassment at work. Unfortunately, such instances tend to take place on a frequent basis, and several incidents are never reported. Our retaliation lawyers at Panitz Law Group APC are here to successfully defend your case and ensure that all your rights are protected.

Different types of retaliation in the workplace

There are several types of workplace retaliations which employees face during their careers, and every employer has his or her own workplace retaliation tactics. Individuals who report harassment at work are often prosecuted by their employers by demotion, pay reduction, unfair treatment or even risk being terminated.

Many cases of workplace retaliations in Los Angeles are well known and relatively quite clear. For example, when an employer wrongfully terminates an employee immediately after filing a claim regarding sexual harassment at work. Nonetheless, other workplace retaliation instances are not always as clear. The California labor law protects employees who report, oppose or resist discrimination or harassment at work from their employer.

Over the years, our experienced retaliation lawyers at Panitz Law Group APC have helped clients recover the compensation that they deserve in the following types of workplace retaliation cases:

  • Negative performance reviews
  • Lack of opportunities for pay rise
  • Excessive disciplinary action
  • Demotion without a valid reason
  • No pay increase for physical or manual demanding jobs
  • Exclusion from internal and client meetings
  • Pay reductions without a valid reason
  • Denial of equal training benefits
  • New or unwarranted monitoring
  • Unacceptable working conditions

No matter which type of retaliation in the workplace is creating a hostile work environment for you, rest assured that our retaliation lawyers are here to help. From the moment a client visits our office in Los Angeles for their first consultation, our expert team of retaliation lawyers will immediately address any queries or concerns to fully understand their situation and effectively develop a legal strategy to defend their case.

Understanding the California labor law is not always a smooth process for everyone, and that is why contacting a retaliation lawyer is of significant importance. We will carefully guide you through the entire legal process from start to finish, and will always be there to answer any workplace retaliation questions that you may have.

Do I have a workplace retaliation claim?

Workplace retaliation claims are based on the employee’s claim that an employer has illegally retaliated against him/her in response to a legal action. According to the California labor laws, employees cannot be terminated by their employer for engaging in any form of protected conduct. This can include:

  • Reporting harassment at work
  • Reporting discrimination at work
  • Refusing to engage in illegal business practices
  • Filing a discrimination claim
  • Requesting accommodation for a disability
  • Reporting illegal or fraudulent actions occurring in the workplace (whistleblowing)
  • Claiming workers’ compensation
  • Complaining about safety, overtime, or breaks
  • Acting as a witness in a case against your employer

It is completely illegal and in breach of the California labor law for employers in Los Angeles to terminate, discipline or punish an employee for taking part in protected conduct. If this is the case, then the employee has the legal right to file a workplace retaliation claim.

At Panitz Law Group APC, our retaliation lawyers have successfully represented many employees who have been victims of retaliation in the workplace, including those workers who have been wrongfully terminated for reporting the following types of workplace retaliations:

Understanding employees rights for workplace retaliation

As professional retaliation lawyers in Los Angeles, we feel it is important that employees are fully aware of their rights as stated by the California labor laws.

  • Whistleblower legislation protects employees who notify authorities of an employer’s illegal or fraudulent conduct. Employers are strictly prohibited from terminating or unfairly treating employees as a result of their pursuit of a whistleblower claim.
  • First Amendment Rights. The U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment gives government employees the right of free speech, including reporting illegal conduct as well as conduct during political campaigns. Political employees are therefore protected from a workplace retaliation in response to exercising those rights.
  • Harassment and Discrimination The Fair Employment and Housing Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and similar laws specify that employers cannot harass or discriminate against employees based on age, disability, race, gender, pregnancy, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or, more importantly, having filed a claim against one’s employer.

When you find yourself caught up in a workplace retaliation claim, you will be best served by an experienced team of retaliation lawyers with a deep understanding of both sides of the case. At Panitz Law Group APC, we have more than twenty years experience representing clients in all types of employment law cases, including retaliatory termination and other retaliation claims. To discuss your case, feel free to contact one of our Southern California retaliation lawyers, who will schedule a free case evaluation for you.