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Case Results

Compensation won for our clients

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Retaliation$10 Million

Verdict against nationwide retailer for FMLA Leave Retaliation and Retaliation for protected complaints.

Truck & Auto Accident$4.93 Million

Tractor trailer and automobile collision which fractured our client’s spine.

Sexual Harassment$4 Million

Confidential sexual harassment settlement.

Age Discrimination$1.95 Million

Our client was a 62-year-old purchasing agent with over 30 years on the job before her age-based termination.

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Sexual Harassment$1.74 Million

Verdict for dental assistant with 2 years on the job who was sexually harassed by the dentist/employer.

Pregnancy Discrimination$1 Million

Our client worked as a director in a nursing home for over three years when she was placed on a performance improvement plan just after she passed out at work due to her pregnancy.

Pregnancy Discrimination$800,000

Our client was a nanny paid through company payroll with 2 years on the job before she became pregnant and was terminated.

Misclassification and Overtime$550,000

Our client was a Database Administrator with over 2 years on the job who worked 65 hours per week.

Sexual Harassment$500,000

Our client was an employee with over 10 years on the job who was sexually harassed by her new supervisor.

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Whistleblower Retaliation$500,000

Our client worked as a psychiatrist for the County of Riverside and was instrumental in setting up the Psychiatry Residency Program within the University of California at Riverside’s School of Medicine.  He was fired immediately after he objected to the selection of a less qualified candidate for admission into the program.

Pregnancy Discrimination$450,000

Our client was an administrative assistant with over 15 years on the job who was demoted after she told her employer she was pregnant. Her new position was eliminated shortly after she returned to work following the birth of her baby.

Overtime and Minimum Wage$383,551

Verdict for a restaurant employee with 2 years on the job who was paid less than minimum wage and not paid overtime.


Our client was a union laborer who was fired in retaliation for posting pictures of unsafe conditions on Facebook.

Sexual Harassment$200,000

Our client was a medical assistant with 2 years on the job who was sexually harassed by the doctor/employer.

Disability Discrimination


Our client was a long-term unionized employee diagnosed with narcolepsy who was fired for falling asleep at work.

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