Class Action Lawyers in Los Angeles

Employment law class action suits may be indicated where employers have denied employees meal or rest breaks, overtime wages, and mileage or purchase reimbursements. Class action cases are best-suited to situations where the claims of multiple employees are similar to each other.

Class action lawsuits empower employees by creating strength in numbers. Class action suits help level the playing field and hold employers accountable for their violations of employee rights. Whereas in an individual claim, expenses might exceed the amount of recovery, a class action suit can allow a group of employees to pursue their claims in a uniform & cost-effective way.

Our firm accepts class action lawsuits on a contingency basis, meaning that clients will not pay any legal fees unless they are able to recover funds. At Panitz Law Group APC, our experienced class action lawyers are ready to help you evaluate and challenge your class action claim. If you believe you have a potential class action claim, please contact us for your initial case evaluation, which is both free and 100% confidential.

What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit in Los Angeles can be filed against your employer for various reasons. These include:

  • Failure to pay overtime
  • Failure to provide meal and rest breaks
  • Uninterrupted meal breaks
  • Failure to pay minimum wage
  • Failure to pay wages upon termination
  • Failure to pay vacation pay upon termination
  • Failure to reimburse for mileage, tolls, uniforms etc.
  • Wage and hour violations

A class action lawsuit is brought to court by one or several claimants who have each been troubled by similar class action violations by their employers. Class action lawsuits are designed to provide all parties involved with resolution, and is an effective method for recovering damages when it is otherwise too costly to litigate on an individual level.

According to the California labor laws, a claim is described as a class action only if it is not ideal to bring various employees to court for the same type of class action lawsuit.  One of the major advantages of class action lawsuits in Los Angeles is that all settlement funds are preserved, further preventing any previous cases from averting the chance for future filters to receive compensation.

Through the partnership that arises between injured individuals under the careful guidance of a professional class action lawyer, employees are given the opportunity to challenge large corporations and deem them responsible when their behaviour puts customers at risk.

Different types of class action lawsuits

When working with our qualified and experienced class action lawyers, we will thoroughly evaluate your situation and develop an effective legal strategy to file a class action lawsuit against your employer or the firm that you are working for. The California labor law states that is against the law for an employer to misclassify the salaries of his/her employees, fail to offer expense reimbursement, and not provide appropriate meal and rest breaks.  As an employee working in Los Angeles, you are allowed to file a class action lawsuit if your employer has illegally violated your employment rights in the below areas:

  • Salary Misclassification
  • Not paid for overtime hours worked
  • Illegal pay cuts without reason
  • Unpaid vested vacation
  • Not provided with proper meal and rest breaks
  • Unpaid commissions which you are owed

Why should I file a class action lawsuit?

If you feel that you have been a victim of unfair treatment, discrimination, unpaid wages and other forms of harassment at work, it is your right to file a class action lawsuit against your employer. Upon filing a class action lawsuit in Los Angeles, it is crucial for you to contact an experienced and professional class action lawyer who can successfully settle your case and protect your rights, ensuring that you and the group are able to compensate any of the following damages:

  • Penalties
  • Class action lawyer fees
  • Wages
  • Interest from unpaid wages
  • Liquidated damages

Essentially, filing a class action claim depends on your case. Class action lawsuits can provide you with many advantages in comparison to traditional, individual lawsuits. Here are some of the benefits of filing a class action lawsuit:

  • A class action merges claims of several people. This spreads out overall litigation fees, making it cheaper for everyone involved.
  • Through filing a class action lawsuit, one will find it easier to recover smaller amounts of money, which can be relatively difficult when you file a claim on your own.
  • In other cases with less damages, it is usually much harder to find a class action lawyer who is willing to settle your case. A class action lawsuit is beneficial since it is an easy way for litigating smaller claims. This is mainly since several claims can be merged together to seek larger damages from the defendant.
  • A class action lawsuit can create instructive relief, which will prevent the offender from proceeding with any illegal practices which breach California labor laws.
  • Any employee who serves as the prime representative of the class may recover more money than other class members. This is because the representative began the class action lawsuit and was of key importance in assisting the case.

The chances for recovering damages from a class action lawsuit are greater when multiple employees report unacceptable practices at work.  A professional class action lawyer can provide you with valuable legal judgement on your situation and effectively help you settle your case. The class action lawyer can also guarantee that all of your employees’ rights are protected throughout the entire process.

If you feel that your employer has violated any California labor laws and you are ready to file a class action lawsuit, feel free to contact our class action lawyers at Panitz Law Group APC. We will be there for you every step of they way, to investigate your case and ensure that you and any other employees get the compensation that you truly deserve. Having successfully handled many class action claims, it is no surprise that Panitz Law Group APC have earned a magnificent reputation for being elite class action lawyers in Los Angeles.