Wrongful Termination

If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, keep every document from your employer and call a lawyer right away. Often times, you’ve emailed yourself documents from work, or sent writtencomplaints to your employer from a personal email account prior to your termination. This way you can keep copies of your documents even after your employer cuts off access to your work email account. Keep as much documentation as possible, including your employee handbook. If you take notes of what goes on at work on a daily basis, email them to yourself at your personal email address. It is advised to contact an attorney, even before you are terminated, because with the right advice you can properly document the facts so that it becomes clear what the real reason was for your termination.

Should I Look For Another Job While My Wrongful Termination Case Is Pending?

You should look for new employment while your case is pending because you are required to mitigate your damages. This means you must document your efforts to try to find replacement employment. You have an obligation to try to find new employment, and even if you are unable to, you have to document that you made an earnest effort. Even if you find suitable new employment, if there is an illegal action, you can still be awarded the difference in your pay, emotional distress damages, legal fees, and sometimes punitive damages.

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