FREE Case Evaluation

Discuss Your Case at No Cost

Discuss your case at no cost to you

Panitz Law Group APC is proud to offer our new clients a 100% free, no-obligation case evaluation. During the evaluation, our attorneys will discuss with you all the details of your current employment situation, and share our advice on the best way for you to proceed to protect your rights.

It’s very important that you take well-considered action to protect your rights, and we bring our years of experience to give you the best possible counsel. In some cases this will mean emailing your Human Resources department. In others, it means writing a letter to an outside agency to protect yourself against retaliation.

Each case is different, and in order to properly advise you what steps to take, we must discuss with you all the pertinent details so we can thoroughly understand your case and your legal options. Once again, we do this for free, and while we are certainly available to represent you, there is absolutely no obligation for you to do so.