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Making-the-mostAt this moment in your life, you might feel as if you have just been thrown into a massive blizzard: you may be confused, lost, and most likely feeling alone and at your most vulnerable. Losing one’s job can be an excruciating process, and it can also be the cornerstone of a major life transition. As if in a blizzard, you are quite literally in total chaos. With your job loss, one element of your life was completely disrupted. Now, in the aftermath, it probably seems like all areas of your life are in upheaval.


Right now, you have a wonderful opportunity to welcome that chaos. You have been forced to do something new in one part of your life (even if that new thing is as simple as finding a new job), so now is the time to use that energy to do five new things, or ten. We can be so conditioned to believe that there are limits to our capabilities that we block out the potential that's right in front of us.   


In these moments where you feel completely lost, you have, quite literally, endless possibilities. Think of your termination as permission to take new chances and make changes. You can release yourself from your pre-conceived ideas about what you are “supposed” to do and what you “can’t” do because right now, there is no “can’t.”




Women make up 80.3% of office and clerical workers.

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