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At-will employment laws are part of what determines the viability of a Wrongful Termination lawsuit. Under what is called the “Doctrine of Employment at Will”, it is assumed that employment is both voluntary and of indeterminate length. Both employees as well as employers retain the right to end the employment “at will,” meaning at any time and generally for any reason. In other words, just as you have the right to quit your job whenever you choose, without giving a reason, your employer may be able to fire you whenever they choose, for almost any reason. There are, of course, some exceptions to this Doctrine. These are what may constitute the basis for Wrongful Termination lawsuits. 


Please note that each state does not allow every an exception to the Doctrine of Employment at Will. For more information on what is allowed in your state, please refer to your state Employment Agency. You may also want to look at this article on exceptions to At-Will Employment.

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