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FreeTime It’s a good idea to get to know some of the common reactions to losing a job, and to be aware of any hidden issues that may arise either now or in the future. Be your own self-help book!  

Get it out. Experts say to write down your feelings about the termination, and continue to do so until you feel you have said everything you need to say. Researchers have found that dealing with feelings in a cathartic manner can get you back on track to finding a new job and a new sense of purpose.

Don’t panic. With every loss, even a job, it’s okay to experience an emotion period. Just know that the quicker you can get away from imagining the worst for yourself, the soon you will get moving to the next phase of your life.

Focus on your capabilities. If you’ve gotten this far in your career, you must have some skills and talents that a new employer will be able to use. Make sure you remain confident, stay positive about what you have to offer, and most important, see yourself as marketable. Potential employers will be able to pick up on any notes of negativity and desperation. (Learn more about how to interview.)

Let yourself trust again. Termination can foster a distrust of future employers. Make sure you identify any of these feelings with your new company early on, then realize that you are in a new situation, with much potential.



Employees who are paid hourly bring 99% of wrongful termination cases.

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