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        Though successfully filing a wrongful termination suit can require serious proof and good representation, There are some basic reasons why a claim may be successful. Employment laws, public policy, and internal company policy are the most important benchmarks by which a termination may be deemed appropriate or wrongful.


        You should seriously consider seeking a lawyer to get additional advice if several of the following criteria are met:

  1. You believe that you have been the victim of discrimination because of your age, race, sex, disability, national origin or religion.
  2. You believe you were terminated after complaining about harassment or some other form of discrimination.
  3. You believe you were terminated in violation of a contract or explicit promise concerning the duration of your employment or the circumstance under which you could be terminated.
  4. You believe your employer is retaliating against you for filing a complaint against your employer for violating local laws (i.e.whistleblowing .)
  5. You believe you were terminated for refusing to perform an illegal or unsafe act for your employer.
  6. You believe your employer fired you for taking time off for military service, voting, the illness of a child or your own long-term illness.
  7. You believe your employer violated their company’s stated termination policies (for example, you did not receive two written warnings, and your employee handbook specifically states that each terminated employee should receive such.)
  8. You believe you were fired for being in involved in organizing a union.
  9. You believe it is going to take many months or years to find comparable employment and thus the economic harm you are going to suffer is significant.
  10. You have sustained serious emotional injuries as a result of how you were treated at work.
  11. You worked for the employer for many years.
  12. The employer has offered you some severance benefits but wants you to sign a Separation Agreement containing a release giving up  your legal rights.

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written by italiagirl, January 07, 2009
I was a Merchandiser with Coca Cola for nite years. I got terminated 2 weeks before Christmas. I have a ten year old son and am a single mom and the sole supporter. In nine years I only had 2 write ups and they were both in the last 6 months and they fired me. I didn't do what I was accused of doing. I followed procedure and told them this in my statement after they put me on suspension for a week. I had all required paperwork signed and explained my position. In one week they called me, on a Saturday and told me to come in on Sunday. They handed me my paycheck and excused me. No paperwork, no results of the investigation, no explanation, nothing from human resourses, just Adios! I still have received nothing from the company in the way of paperwork. I feel so angry and violated because I was a consistant employee for nine years and had saved over 300 hours sick time. I didn't get that. I believe they fired me for other reasons than they said they did. A week earlier they wanted me to add a 6th day to my work schedule and I told them I couldn't as I have a son and no weekend babysitter. It annoyed them and I'm sure that is why I got fired. They hired me 10 years ago with the understanding that my shifts had to work around my boy and have tried for the past 4 years to push extra hours and days on me and I've turned them down. This is the real reason I believe I was fired.
Does anyone think I have any kind of case here or should I just shrug this off and move on? It makes me so mad because I gave alot to Coca Cola, a company you'd think would be family oriented, but they aren't.

written by gizmo61, June 17, 2011
I Don't have a long drawn out proccess on my case.They just simply fired me because i was injured on the job in november of 2010 tried to work with my employer.They kept telling me the file it on my health ins and they would look after me that was fine till the ins company sent some of the bill's back sid they where not paying.Showed them to the employer they said they didn't know what i was talking about.After i finished a certain assinament i was on they fire me how about that some people are just pure assholes and a lot of bullshit.

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13% of suits brought against large corporations were for wrongful termination.

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