Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawyers in Los Angeles

Employees in Los Angeles may suffer from harassment at work due to many different reasons. Employers must make sure that their workplaces are free from sexual orientation discrimination and other forms of harassment at work. It is unlawful for employers to discriminate against a worker due to their actual or perceived sexual orientation.

The California labor law clearly states that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is illegal. If you feel that your employer in Los Angeles is not treating you well because of your sexual or gender orientation, contact our experienced sexual orientation lawyers at Panitz Law Group APC today.

What is LGBT Rights Discrimination in Los Angeles?

The rights for LGBT discrimination varies across the United States of America. Nonetheless, the California labor laws state that employers are strictly forbidden from discriminating against workers due to their sexual orientation. LGBT rights discrimination is defined as the inappropriate treatment of a worker because of his or her sexuality. Below is a list of the different victims of sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace:

  • Lesbian females
  • Gay males
  • Bisexual males and females
  • Transgender men and women

Our sexual discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles are devoted to defending the employment rights of our workers. If you, a colleague or friend have been victims of discrimination based on sexual orientation by a current or past employer, it is vital to talk with one of our experienced employment attorneys to ensure that this harassment at work does not happen again. It is our duty to improve our client’s work environment and we strive to develop effective legal strategies to protect their LGBT rights and settle their sexual orientation discrimination cases.

What the California labor law states about sexual orientation discrimination

According to the California labor law, employees in Los Angeles are protected from workplace discrimination based on their sexuality. This form of harassment at work can be defined as:

  • Heterosexuality
  • Homosexuality
  • Bisexuality

It is therefore considered as unlawful for an employer to enforce sexual discrimination in the workplace because employees are gay, lesbian or bisexual. A worker or job applicant should never be judged due to their sexuality, and employers should not base employment decisions on this. These decisions include hiring, firing, demotions, promotions and other types of benefits.

The California labor law states that employees must never be victims of discrimination based on their sexuality. Whether workers are straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual does not matter and should not affect their working life. For example, according to the California labor law, workers in Los Angeles have the right to be addressed using pronouns which represent their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Many sexual orientation discrimination cases that we have settled revolve around the workers use of restrooms. Every employee has the right to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity of choice. The same applies for the employee’s dress code of choice. An employer may apply its own dress code, as long as it allows its workers to dress according to their chosen gender identity.

Our professional representation in sexual orientation discrimination cases

Do you feel that you have been a victim of sexual discrimination in the workplace? If so, our sexual discrimination lawyers can represent you and fight for the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

In every sexual orientation discrimination case, it is vital to understand what the motivations of the employer are. When working with Panitz Law Group APC, our professional sexual orientation discrimination lawyers will thoroughly investigate your situation, to gather sufficient evidence to defend your case. We will work closely together with you to fight for your employment rights.

Experienced sexual orientation discrimination lawyers for LGBT rights

The California labor law states that employers should not discriminate against workers on the basis of their gender identity or sexual orientation. In spite of these laws, our sexual orientation discrimination lawyers are often called to represent clients who have been victims of discrimination against sexuality due to various reasons:

  • Sexual orientation discrimination in hiring a person who is gay or believed to be gay
  • Harassment at work or bullying by colleagues
  • Denial of opportunities such as promotions
  • Denial of leave to take care of one’s partner
  • Termination because of gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Retaliation for complaining about sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace
  • Inappropriate comments by a manager or supervisor

LGBT rights discrimination can range from subtle biases such as negative performance reviews to patent and anti-gay behavior. When working with our sexual orientation discrimination lawyers, we will guide you throughout the entire legal process.

Filing a gender identity or sexual orientation discrimination complaint

The California labor law is there for employees working in Los Angeles and protects them from sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace. With this in mind, a time limit of one year does apply from the date of discrimination. Every successful sexual orientation discrimination claim entitles workers to recover compensation and other damages.

The first step of the legal process is to investigate the case. During this step, the Department will gather any available information and evidence using employment records. Once the investigation has been conducted, the Department may help settle the sexual orientation discrimination case or refer it to the legal department.

The following step would be for the Department to identify whether a violation of the California labor law has occurred. If this is not the case, the employee should take his claim into court and hire his own personal sexual orientation discrimination lawyer.

Contact our sexual orientation discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles

At Panitz Law Group APC, we represent victims of discrimination based on sexual orientation throughout Southern California.  After investigating your case, our attorneys will give you trustworthy advice about your best legal options. To discuss your case with a sexual orientation discrimination lawyer, please contact us on 562-630-1500 for an appointment. Since we work on a contingency basis, you will not be charged unless we win or settle your case.