Unpaid Wages Lawyers in Los Angeles

Employees undergo a complicated transition after resigning or being terminated from their jobs. It is a stressful ordeal for many employees who happen to be treated unfairly by their employers who refuse to provide them with back pays, commissions or bonuses in a timely manner. Our experienced unpaid wages lawyers at the law offices of Panitz Law Group APC are proud to advocate on behalf of hardworking residents in South California, helping them recover rightful compensations from employers who have delayed or even refused to pay their wages or back pay.

Sales representatives working on commission are saddled with specific difficulties in obtaining their back pay or other unpaid wages from their employer. These same type of workers are also often faced with employers who do not abide by previously agreed-upon commission structures as stated by the California labor laws.

It’s not just commissioned sales representatives, but all employees who do not receive the final back pay that they are due. Every employer in Los Angeles is permitted to various penalties which can add significantly to your recovery.  The willful failure to pay an employee for just an hour’s pay can lead to penalties equal to 30-days pay, plus unpaid wages lawyer fees and costs.

When is pay due under the California Labor Law?

While an employee is still working, the payment and timing of his or her wage depend on the worker’s status. This can be either:

  • Hourly
  • Salaried
  • Commissioned

According to the California labor law, it also depends on the type of compensation that the employer is subject to receive. For example, any form of benefits, wages, or vacation pay may not be the same for every employer and can be treated differently according to what is stated in their individual employment contract. It is of significant importance to understand that California labor law provides different levels of remedies and protection for unpaid employees.

Different types of violations for back pay and unpaid wages

There are several cases where employees feel that they have been cheated out of their compensations by their employers. Many employers in Los Angeles withhold unpaid wages from their employees, which is in breach of the California labor laws. Below are some examples of the most common back pay and unpaid wages claims.

  • When an employer asks the employee to work off-the-clock hours.
  • When an employer charges the employee for uniforms or any other supplies which are required to perform the job.
  • When an employer fails to pay the employee a minimum wage.
  • When an employer fails to pay overtime wages or double time pay to the employee.
  • When an employer fails to pay commissions or bonuses which are due to the employee
  • When an employer fails to pay for meal and rest breaks when the business requires the employee to stay on site.
  • When an employer fails to provide the employee with a back pay following his/her termination.

What can I do if my employer does not reimburse my back pay?

A frequent question which many clients tend to ask us is “what can I do if my employer does not pay my back wages?”.  As professional unpaid wages lawyers with years of experience in the field, we strive to provide our clients with prime recommendations for each of their individual cases. Here is what you should do if you feel that you are a victim of unpaid wages from your employer.

  • Act immediately: If your back pay has not yet been reimbursed, you should immediately act upon it. Civil claims for back pays have a few limitations of between two and four years, however, this really depends on the type of claim.
  • Check for notices: Search for any notices at your workplace that show indications of company pay days, time and methods of payment. According to the California labor laws, every employer is required to specify when employees shall receive their wages and the place of payment.
  • Consider your different options: Explore your options and consider seeking new opportunities for employment. Although you may feel some commitment towards your employer, back pay and unpaid wages are signs that the company is having financial problems.
  • Sign a commitment: Have a chat with your employer and obtain a firm commitment for the company to pay your wages.
  • Contact an unpaid wages lawyer: There is no better way for dealing with this issue, than by speaking to an unpaid wages lawyer who will successfully defend your case. Unpaid wages lawyers can help you by giving you advice about your employment rights, preparing meetings with your employer and filing claims for back pay.
  • File an “unpaid wages claim”: It is highly recommended that every employee contacts the Department of industrial relations in California to file an unpaid wages claim. 

Contact an unpaid wages lawyer at Panitz Law Group APC

We understand that it is often very difficult to speak to your boss or supervisor about back pay and unpaid wages. However, If you do not speak up, you might not receive your back pay at all. At Panitz Law Group APC, we can help you protect your employment rights and your job.

We hold employers accountable to pay the wages and commissions they have agreed to. Our unpaid wages lawyers are dedicated to recovering the back pay that employees deserve from their former employers. We combine legal expertise, hard-earned experience, and a tireless work ethic with a deep respect for our clients and the upheaval these challenges can cause. We aggressively handle back pay and unpaid wages claims, and can often resolve straightforward matters quickly.

Our law firm is well-versed in unpaid wage case law, as in many other types of California labor laws. Our goal is always to pursue the interests of our client aggressively, and to be as clear and transparent as possible about the process. Contact our unpaid wages lawyers at Panitz Law Group APC today for your free case evaluation, and keep in mind that we charge no fees until we win or settle your case.