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SchoolsIf you're looking to further your career through education, an online school may be a good option. You can complete your degree on your own time (while you're working), and online schools are generally less expensive. Here are some of the best online schools for various industries. 

There are several signs that an online school is going to be worth your time and money. First, it absolutely must be accredited. There are so many “buy a degree programs” out there that it is wise to double-check. 

It is also a good sign if the online school is a part of an established school with a good reputation. Check out the actual school itself, then see how the non-online part of it does in rankings. Schools with physical campuses will almost always have more resources o provide you. You'll not only have access to your online program, but also to a much wider variety of information and faculty members. All of the top schools listed below have campuses. 

Something else that can be helpful is to look at when the school was establishedsome schools have a long history of doing distance-learning programs, and will simply have more experience working with online students. Also check newspaper articles and “choosing the right college” materials to see if the school is mentioned. See how many programs they have  in your degree area; the more programs, the more likely it is that they will have comprehensive training. 



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