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ManagingWhile this may be a time in your life when nothing sounds better than lying under the covers with a bottle of Cuervo, keep in mind that at some point you are going to have to get back out into the job market. The thing you have most abundantly right now is time, so you can set your own pace for how you want to go about this. Since job hunting can be remarkably stressful (we’ve all been there), sometimes it is best to “budget” your time in a way that is effective but won’t drive you crazy.  This can be a great time to put equal energy into your personal life and your professional life.   

Before anything else, take a break! Give yourself anywhere between three days through a week and enjoy yourself. Tell your family that you are taking a specific amount of time off, so that they are less likely to start hounding you to begin the job hunt immediately. If they know that you have a date to start the job search, then that may ease their minds about your financial situation.



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